Jeff and Zoe on KARE 11 Saturday Show

Jeff on KARE 11 with Belinda JensenThis week Jeff and I were on the KARE 11 Saturday morning show with Belinda Jensen to promote our book and mix up our dough in front of her viewers. I admit I was a bit nervous, more than a bit, but Belinda made us feel like we were just chatting in her living room. Everyone at the studio was so kind and after our 5 minute TV debut they swarmed around the table of bread and devoured everything we brought. They have our “Master” recipe on their website. Eric Perkins was there as well and he grabbed a “sticky pecan caramel roll” between every segment.

On November 29th we will appear on KARE 11’s Showcase Minnesota with Corbin Seitz and Rob Hudson. I hope you will tune in!

Zoe on KARE 11 with Belinda Jensen

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2 thoughts on “Jeff and Zoe on KARE 11 Saturday Show

  1. You two did it!!!!

    Holy Cow! I’m so proud and happy and thrilled and i bet you don’t know who the hell I am? I used to do Jeff’s wife’s hair in NE Minneapolis and she used to talk about this book idea her wonderful hubby had…

    Now look at this!

    So happy to see this wonderful thing happen for all of you. See, dreams really do come true!

    You just have to leap, or knead, as it were..

    You go!


  2. Saw you on the show, loved the idea of keeping the master for a week (it won’t make it two weeks at my house!). Just ordered at amazon. Can’t wait to debut on Thanksgiving. Thanks for adding yummy’s in less time to our lives. Much appreciated.

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