We’re interviewed on “The Splendid Table” National Public Radio show, 12/15/07

epiZoe and I were heard today on National Public Radio’s The Splendid Table, where we were interviewed by Lynne Rossetto Kasper. We got a chance to tell a national audience how our method works, and why stored dough is so extraordinarily different from traditional methods. There were terrific radio sound effects, like the pain d’epi (wheat-stalk bread) we’d brought, crackling obediently for Lynne’s microphone (Mark Luinenburg’s gorgeous picture of an epi is above). It was great fun to make contact with the show and the radio personality who helped launch our book. Seven years ago, I’d called in to the same show to ask how amateurs can get a cookbook published. An editor was listening, asked for a proposal, and voila! Zoe and I did the proposal (eventually), wrote the book (eventually), and now it’s in its third printing (eventually!) Click here to listen to the show… we’re about 13 minutes into the broadcast.

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2 thoughts on “We’re interviewed on “The Splendid Table” National Public Radio show, 12/15/07

  1. Hi Jeff and Zoe — I gave three of your books as Christmas gifts (along with baking stones) and gave loaves of the basic bread to neighbors this year. It is great! I am interested in trying the tapenade bread but didn’t quite understand where the tapenade fits in the recipe. Do you mix it in or just spread it on the finished product? Thanks. And thanks for a wonderful new, easy, delicious method for bread-baking.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    The tapenade is delicious mixed into the dough, spread on top or both! For the tapenade bread recipe (p.55) we have you mix the 1 cup of tapenade in when you add the flour. Stir it all together just as you would the master recipe.

    Thank you for sharing our book with so many on your Christmas list. Enjoy the bread!!


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