Two new book giveaways– and they’re not even from our site!

Hey, just wanted to let you know about two new opportunities to win free copies of our book.  Click on these links to enter:

The Baltimore Sun interviewed Zoe and I just before Thanksgiving and ran our cornbread picture and all our wise words 🙂

The Baking and Books blog:  This is a marvelous site for all kinds of baking ideas, and it certainly goes way beyond bread.

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6 thoughts on “Two new book giveaways– and they’re not even from our site!

  1. Thanks for letting us know!

    I tried to order a book today from our local Coles store in Penticton – they are out of stock! Also, friends have tried the entire Okanagan Valley and nobody has it – they have to be ordered. They say they have been getting loads of requests.

    The lady who won the dough at my demo made the bread (she’s over 55 and has NEVER made bread in her life) and has been baking it up ever since. It’s amazing!

  2. Thanks again Ari!

    Hi Barb,

    That is so exciting that you inspired someone to bake for the first time! Bravo and thanks for sharing our method.


  3. Subject: How long can you freeze the french (Boule) bread dough.

    Hi, Of course I love your book and I can’t wait for the next.

    My question is whether I can freeze the Boule dough for several months, and whether this applies for the other dough recipes.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. My search for good bread recipes have ended, I have so many bread recipe books that are going in the trash today, their recipes don’t work and most of all,I tried so hard and followed the directions, and they still ended up to be such disappointments.

    Thanks so much,
    Pinole CA

  4. Hi Tamara,

    So glad you are enjoying the bread you bake!

    The truth is that I’ve frozen the dough for several weeks with great success, but never for several months. I’ll check in with Jeff to see if he has tried it and we’ll get back to you.

    If you try it PLEASE report back to us!

    Thanks and happy baking! Zoë

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