YET ANOTHER free giveaway of our book…

… is at the “Cheap Like Me” blog, click here to read and enter.

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3 thoughts on “YET ANOTHER free giveaway of our book…

  1. I’m such a fan of your book – just bought two copies, one for myself and one to share. I have a bread question, but cannot get the bread questions on your site to load, so was hoping maybe I could ask it this way. Often, I want to make bread with lunch for friends when we come home after Church. The rising time plus baking time means about an hour till serving time. I hate to be spoiled, but I’d love to reduce the rising time ( I use a perforated pizza pan instead of a bread stone, so don’t need to preheat the stone). I’ve been thinking of my old “refrigerator rise” recipes, and wondering if a rise immediately before baking, after shaping the loaf, could be done in the fridge? Any ideas? I know I could parbake, but that seems a little less romantic than baking from scratch. If the rising can be done in the fridge, this would also help the crowd who want fresh bread with dinner after a long day work. Thanks a bunch – and thanks yet again for a wonderful book!

  2. Hi Anna, welcome to the site: That Bread Questions page can take FOREVER to load, might have done it with enough time, but then, it might not have had the answer to your question!

    Refrigerator rise is perfect with our method, see and scroll down a bit to see the notes about refrigerator rise. Very effective.

  3. I am going to do this I truly am. There have been so many times when just the thought of all the hassle was just too overwhelming. You have convinced me this time!

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