Instant Gratification- the Indian flatbread, Naan!


Also, see a video of this method…

This is the fastest bread in the book to make and one that I eat all the time. It is absolutely delicious and it takes no forethought. So, on those busy days when I have not had time to spend hours thinking about what I will make my family for dinner I make a Naan to go with soup, chili, a roasted chicken or even curry.

The traditional Indian flatbread is made in a blazing hot tandoor oven and then brushed with melted ghee (clarified butter). We assumed that most of our readers would not have a tandoor oven so we decided to make this in a cast iron pan on the stove top. We cook the dough in ghee or butter so that it has the same flavor as the traditional bread, with so much less work. I’ve made this bread using just about every dough in the book; spinach feta, whole wheat, master, olive, and herb. One day I even made it out of brioche dough. I fried the brioche dough in butter, drizzled a little maple syrup and finished it with powdered sugar. It was just like the fried dough at the State Fair and only took a couple of minutes. My boys were thrilled.

To make Naan:

1/2-pound (orange size) piece dough of your choice. Roll the dough to 1/16th-inch thick circle.

2 tablespoons Ghee, clarified butter or European style butter (You can use regular butter, but you have to be careful of the butter burning. The ghee and clarified butter have a higher burning point and allow you to cook without worry of it burning.) Vegan option: swap high-smoking-point oil instead of ghee or butter (canola, peanut, soybean, etc.)

Salt to taste


Heat a heavy bottom Cast Iron Skillet to medium temperature. Add the butter and melt, swirl it to coat the bottom of the pan.


Lay the dough into the pan.


Cover the pan to trap the heat in order to “bake” the bread.


After about 2 1/2 minutes flip the dough with a pair of Tongs. Sprinkle with salt and cook, covered for another 2 1/2 minutes.


Serve it with Suvir Saran’s cool minted soup from his wonderful book Indian Home Cooking. We loved this simple soup so much that we added it to our book.

Also, see a video of this method…

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133 thoughts on “Instant Gratification- the Indian flatbread, Naan!

  1. Jeff….you win the prize for guessing what would happen with the naan baked on the stone. I got some delicious pita! :) based on what you wrote, I guess the dough was too thin. Bit I also wonder what would have happened if I’d poked some holes in the dough, like I do with the focaccia

    Still it was delicious but I think I’ll stick to the stovetop for the naan.

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