Five Rules for Making Great Grilled Pizza Outdoors on the 4th of July, With Red Star Platinum Yeast: NEW VIDEO!

artisan bread in five pizza on the grill

Getting a perfect result with homemade pizza on the gas grill in the summertime is easy–you just need to mix up some lean dough from any of our books–we’ve been testing with Red Star Platinum Yeast–with fantastic results (today’s dough was the light whole wheat, but you can use any of our lean doughs)…

Platinum Yeast | Breadin5

… and follow a few simple rules from Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day…

artisan bread in five pizza on the grill

1.  Clean the grill’s grates
2.  Get your dough thin, to 1/8 of an inch thick
3.  Bake the first side of the crust “blind” (without toppings) for about three minutes, then flip and top. Prep all your toppings in advance.
4.  Cut the cheese into small cubes, or grate it so it melts fast, before the bottom crust burns. That way, after flipping and topping, the pizza will be finished in five to ten minutes, depending on burner heat and position under the pizza.
5.  Don’t overload with toppings

grilled pizza from artisan bread in five

Here’s a video on how to do it: (includes demo of pizza dough-throwing technique):

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21 thoughts on “Five Rules for Making Great Grilled Pizza Outdoors on the 4th of July, With Red Star Platinum Yeast: NEW VIDEO!

  1. Awesome! This looks like it must happen tonight :-)

    Living in Hawaii, we grill all year round.

    Grilled pineapple, Kalua pork, and sweet Maui onions make a very nice pizza indeed.

  2. Making some tonight.

    What is the difference between using regular Red Star granular yeast and the Platinum yeast.

    • They’re both terrific products, and both work extremely well in our recipes. The Platinum is their premium products and it contains some dough conditioners, which enhance the rise. Some of the dough conditioners are derived from wheat proteins, so this isn’t for people who are gluten-free.

      • Thanks for the info. I will have to try it to see if I notice the difference.

  3. Has anyone found the Platinum yeast in Atlanta? I’ve checked the larger stores of Publix and Kroger in the Atlanta Area and have not been able to find it.

    Perhaps we can add a “dough improver” to our regular instant yeast?

    • Some people like the addition of a little ascorbic acid as a dough conditioner/yeast enhancer, but I haven’t tried it so can’t recommend it.

  4. Thanks for the video, and this time I got the pizza throw! Yesterday (Happy Fourth!) was about 8000 degrees :) here in Brussels, but today is a typical drizzly day just in time for the Fourth of July fireworks at the American School. Oh well! But my grill pizza party will be a success when the weather gets better.

    • Hi Earl,

      It does work, but it takes some playing with to get the coals just right so the dough doesn’t burn. If your grill is big enough, maybe try pushing the coals off to the side, so the dough isn’t directly over the hottest part of the grill.

      Thanks, Zoë

  5. Thanks Jeff.
    It looks great. Love pizza on the grill. The tossing technique was good info. Like the tomato info also. Will be trying both this weekend.

  6. Having trouble with wetness with both the master recipe in Artisan Breads and Healthy Breads. I’m measuring & weighing carefully but after refrigeration my dough is so wet that I can’t cut a hunk off — it just falls apart. Very hard to form a ball, and to cut slashes after resting. The bottom of the bucket has a pool of liquid. When I get to the 4th baking for the dough, there is so much liquid that I mixed in over a cup to get a cohesive dough (that bread came out perfect, though.) I’ve used various supermarket unbleached white flours and Hodgkin Mills whole wheat. Help!

    • One of the things I love about the AB5 method is that you don’t have to worry about exact measurements. Instead of worrying about exact measurements, just go by how it looks and feels. The video is a great reference tool!

      Even when I use the scale I often find a need to add a little more water or a little more flour depending on the look of the dough. It all comes out tasting great!

  7. Just purchased your new book. We have installed a new therm adore pro range with steam convection. A stone will not fit in it that recommend using the pan and parchment paper in the oven. Will that work for your routine breads

      • I guess I was not clear in my question. The thermadour has a steam convection oven and the recommend placing the dough on parchment on metal plate and the oven is cold when you start and do the bread in the steam/convection oven. Since the oven is not preheated I assume you can not get a good crust. I was just wondering if any of you fans have used your dough with a steam/convection oven

      • Hi Gene,

        Sorry, you did mention it had steam. I have actually tried starting with a cold oven and it worked just fine. Give it a try and see what you think. I did it inside of a clay cloche, but I bet the results will be similar in your oven.

        Thanks, Zoë

  8. Hi! I’ve been making your basic bread recipe for awhile now but always wondered why the bread doesn’t last very long. I bake it and the bread is perfect that day out of the oven but the next days seems extremely hard. I end up wasting so much because of how hard it gets. Anything I can do to fix this problem!? Thank you!

    • Hi Kali,

      Which loaf are you making? The breads with white flour tend to stale faster than those with whole grains. Adding honey, eggs, and fats also help keep a loaf longer. Any bread that doesn’t have additives will stale pretty quickly, so you may want to make smaller loaves.

      Thanks, Zoë

      • Thanks so much for your response! I’ve just been making the master recipe. Anything I could add to that recipe for a softer bread?

      • Hi Kali,

        If it is a softer bread you are looking for, I would try the challah or brioche. They are both enriched and will have a softer crust and interior crumb.

        Thanks, Zoë

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