From CBS-TV (KPIX-5) in San Francisco…

2013-11, CBS San Fran blogpost, Narsai David

From long-time San Francisco restauranteur, radio, and TV host Narsai David:

“In this new edition, they really, really make life so easy and so simple… baking your own bread virtually daily… the simple idea of making dough in advance and storing it… very, very clever.”

CBS-TV San Francisco, 2013

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Dorie Greenspan endorsement on book jacket

Zoe met world-famous baker and cookbook author Dorie Greenspan a few years back when she was in New York to tape a segment for the Cooking Channel, on the Kelsey Nixon Show. We’re both huge fans of Dorie’s so we were thrilled when Dorie endorsed The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for the back cover.

“Every step of Zoe and Jeff’s adventures in bread has been fascinating and delicious for us, the home bread bakers who follow them, but this book may be their most exciting yet, because they’ve incorporated years of readers’ questions, problems, and discoveries into every chapter…truly the all-you’ve-ever-wanted-to-know edition. And there are plenty of photographs… at last!”

Dorie Greenspan, James Beard Award-winning author of Around my French Table

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Andrew Zimmern endorses Healthy Bread in FIve

Andrew Zimmern’s phenomenal career is testament to the way Minneapolis has become a great food town–he got his start right here, at the long-departed (but wonderful) Bravo. And who was his pastry chef? Zoe Francois of course.

So we were flattered when Andrew started baking from an advance copy of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and endorsed the book on the back cover:

“…Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg have amazingly demystified the arcane and delightful world of artisan bread. Now, on the heels of time sensitivity (Hello…5 minutes???  Really?  Yes!), comes a baking book for the health-conscious, and it couldn’t be more timely.  Bottom line, I would crawl across a desert of broken glass to hop into their loaf pan…”

–Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods America

Today’s Newsday Review of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

From today’s review: “From all the fuss, you’d think that… Hertzberg and …François had invented sliced bread, or maybe bread itself. Their book …delivers what it promises, which is a great gift to home cooks who have the desire to bake but worry that they don’t have the time or skill.”

Sylvia Carter, New York Newsday

Newsday Review of Artisan Bread in Five