Cracker-crust pizza is so thin the light shines through it

Secrets of Cracker-Crust Pizza, plus, our TV segment with Saturday Night Live’s Colin Quinn

This pizza is so thin and crackly that light shines through it!  It’s much easier to achieve perfection with this Tuscan specialty than you might think.  Plus, our TV segment in Charlotte, North Carolina, with former Saturday Night Live cast-member Colin Quinn. Continue reading

Breadsticks from Whole Grain Dough! NEW VIDEO

Breadsticks are among the easiest and fastest things we bake, because you roll out a thin sheet, cut the sticks with a pizza cutter, and then it’s into oven, with no resting time needed– they go into the oven as soon as they’re cut.  Here, at long last, is the TV segment we did on this last February:

Look for us in this Sunday’s paper

Zoe and I will be in select newspapers all over the United States this Sunday, November 14.  Our flyer will have a Red Star Yeast coupon, and links to their site with video and both our Master recipes (whole grain and white).  If we’re not in your city this Sunday, you can still see the video and recipes (but not get the coupon) at

We’ve been baking with Red Star for as long as we’ve been baking (40 person-years?), and have been doing events with Red Star for almost a year now– great product, consistent results, and available in many forms (packets, jars, and bulk all over the place).  Check out my post about our neck-tag on the Red Star yeast bottles.

See you Sunday…

Pizza Lollipops ~ The Movie

Here is a fun video Jeff and I made with Jennifer Samuel from Unplanned Cooking about the ever popular pizza-on-a-stick. This version was made with the whole grain master recipe from HBin5 with classic pizza toppings rolled inside. It is an easy, quick and healthy snack for kids after school or a great idea for your New Year’s Eve Party.


Thank you Jennifer for the use of your wonderful video!

Click here for the recipe.

Holiday Wreath Bread!

wreath bread

Tis the season for all things festive! Here is a very simple loaf that is gorgeous and will be the perfect addition to your holiday meal.  Despite its impressive appearance we promise it is easy to make.

You can watch Zoë make the Holiday Wreath loaf and a Panettone on KARE11 Showcase Minnesota.

We will also be doing a book signing at Cooks of Crocus Hill in Edina, MN this Thursday from 6-8:00pm. We’d love to see you all there!

Then on Friday December 12,  Jeff appeared on Fox 9 News at 8:30 am, to mix up more Holiday favorites in five minutes, and he also appeared on WMAR Channel 2 in Baltimore (the ABC affiliate) to show the same breads (click here to view).

Now for the Holiday Wreath Bread, and some Holiday gift suggestions: Continue reading

Two new book giveaways– and they’re not even from our site!

Hey, just wanted to let you know about two new opportunities to win free copies of our book.  Click on these links to enter:

The Baltimore Sun interviewed Zoe and I just before Thanksgiving and ran our cornbread picture and all our wise words :-)

The Baking and Books blog:  This is a marvelous site for all kinds of baking ideas, and it certainly goes way beyond bread.

Thanks Culinary Institute of America and Seattle Post-Intelligencer!

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is a terrific institution; what can you say about a professional culinary school that:

a) … trained Artisan Bread in 5′s brilliant and creative co-author, Zoe Francois, and,

b) …sent Rebekah Denn’s wonderful article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about our book to all of its SmartBrief subscribers!

Click on the links to read… thousands of people have come to our site because of the Seattle article and the link to it from SmartBrief.  Smartbrief is a wonderful thing to subscribe to, even if you’re not a food professional; you can do that from the 2nd link.  And if you’re curious about our book’s other reviews, click here.—Jeff