New Video: Shaping the ball from a very wet dough

A number of people wrote in about my February 16th video, wondering whether that whole grain dough may have been a little drier than usual.  It was made using a non-commercial whole wheat flour, so it’s possible.  Just so everyone’s clear that you can successfully shape a nice cohesive ball using stuff that’s on the wetter side, I used a batch that was nearing the end of its 14-day storage period (our dough gets wetter as it stores in the fridge.  The stuff in this video is pretty wet– it’s the Master recipe for white dough, but swapping out 1 cup of whole-grain rye instead of unbleached all-purpose.  Despite this dough’s moisture, I had no trouble forming a ball, and then rolling it out with a rolling pin, my hands, and a dough scraper.  Use enough flour, but don’t work it in (OK, I know I forgot to use the dough scraper in this video– but it’s often nice if the dough is sticking to your work surface).

This dough round was used to make pita bread (see older posts on this: regular pita, and  Turkish Pita.

New video: How to shape a loaf (using whole grain dough)

So many of you have asked for close-up video of someone shaping a loaf  (what we called “gluten-cloaking” in the first book).  Doing this quick shaping step is the same with whole grain doughs, but the feel is different– it isn’t quite as resilient.

But as you can see in the video, it’s basically the same process with this 100% whole wheat dough (the honey-enriched variation on page 80 of Healthy Bread in Five Minute a Day).