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Our best inspirations come from reader questions, and we’ve enjoyed answering them since starting this blog to support our books in 2007.  Click on any of the questions below– these are the ones that seem to be on a lot of bakers’ minds.  If you’re having a problem with one of our recipes, breeze through these FAQs first.  If you can’t find an answer in the FAQs, click on any “Comments” field adjoining a “post” here on the website (doesn’t have to be related to the content underneath).  Please tell us which book you’re working from, and which recipe and page number:

I posted a comment to this site but it hasn’t appeared. What happened?

Contest and Giveaway Rules

Convection oven: Any adjustment needed?

Dense or gummy crumb: What am I doing wrong?

Flour varieties: Do I need to adjust the liquids when I use different kinds of white flour?

Freezing the dough: Can I do it?

Fresh-ground grains: can I use them with this method?

Gluten-Free Frequently Asked Questions (GF FAQs)

Gray color on my dough: Is there something wrong?

High-altitude baking: How do I adjust the recipes for high-altitude?

Incorporating dried fruit, nuts, or herbs into stored dough: How do I do it?

Larger loaves: What adjustments are needed?

Left the dough on the counter overnight! Can I still use it?

Measuring flour by volume: How we measured when we tested the recipes (scoop-and-sweep)

Missing instructions and missing recipes: Some of the web-based recipes don’t have everything I need to make the bread, and others are missing from the website altogether

Nutrition content: How can I calculate it?

Photographs: Can I post pictures to this website?

Privacy Policy

Refrigerator rise trick: The formed loaves or rolls rise overnight and are ready for the oven the next day

Rising: My shaped loaves don’t seem to rise much before it’s time for the oven.  What am I doing wrong?

Salt: Can I decrease the amount of salt in the recipes?  How do I adjust for different kinds of salt?

Sourdough starter: Can I use it with this method?

Steam alternatives: How do I create a steam environment for a great crust when my oven doesn’t trap steam well?

Stone broke! What did I do wrong?

Storing bread: What’s the best way to do it?

Traditional recipes: How can they be converted to the ABin5 method?

Underbaked! My loaf didn’t bake through to the center.  What am I doing wrong?

Web use: Can I use your recipes on my own website, in my class, or in a publication?

Weighing ingredients instead of using cup measures: How do you do it?

Whole grain flours and vital wheat gluten: How do you use them?

Whole grain flours and doughs without vital wheat gluten: How do those work?

Yeast: Can it be decreased in the recipes?

2,578 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Your recipes are great!
    In your book: Artisan Pizza and Flatbread you use on page 94 under variation Knekkebrod 100% whole grain rye dough.
    Where do I find the recipe for the 100% whole grain rye dough?

    Many thanks for your answer. Nattalia

    • There was a typo there, so sorry– see our “Corrections” tab above and go through the book, there are 4 others. The last paragraph, on page 95 should end with “… use 8 cups whole grain rye flour.” Not “dough.”

      Makes sense now?

  2. “Artisan Bread in Five…”
    Buttermilk Bread, pg 207
    I’d like to make this bread without being in loaf pan, just a round loaf, will that work?

    Thanks so much!

    Greenville, SC

  3. I don’t have room in my fridge for a 6-qt container. Can the basic recipe be halved? I’d love to try this method but the space issue is a problem. Thanks!

  4. Hi I generally use WholeWheat Pastry flour for my day to day baking. Can this be used for the Wholewheat flour in basic receipe? Thank you.

    • It has less protein, so all of our hydrations will be thrown off, so you’ll have to adjust the water– but frankly, I think it has too little protein to make good bread. Which “basic recipe” do you mean (from which book, page number)?

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