Podcast with Steve Dolinsky of WABC-7 Chicago!

With Steve Dolinsky at Studio 2 Devjam

We’ve been on with Steve in Chicago before, but this time Steve was in Minneapolis and we met for a podcast about Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day at Studio2, which is a great place for coffee and breakfast but turns into a stellar wine bar with snacks later in the day. Listen to the podcast by clicking here…

Our interview with ABC-7 News’s Steve Dolinsky in Chicago: the podcast

Hungry  Hound photoWABC-7With Steve Dolinsky after podcast at Floriole

Former Minnesotan Steve Dolinsky left Hopkins to make his fortune in Chicago as ABC-7 News’s “Hungry Hound,” with a great show about food in the Windy City. We’ve been on Channel 7 with Steve before (view segment), but most recently, we did a podcast with him from Floriole Bakery and Cafe in Chicago, back on October 28, right after we launched The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Great bakery, and a great time taping the podcast with Steve. Click here to listen (go to “Artisan Bread Made Easy, Jan 29, 2014”)!